CONDENSE: A Group Show

Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 7:00pm - Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 7:00pm

CONDENSE: A Group Show, Altered Space Gallery, January 19, 2013, Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney

CONDENSEA look at contemporary artists who construct within restrictive space. These artists layer, compact, weave, & build in explosive detail, in a tense effort to maximize a new plane economy.

Featuring emerging and established artists who work with grandiose abandon on smaller pictorial planes utilizing painting, drawing, assemblage and montage.


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"CON-Dense" Group Show, Altered Space Gallery, Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach

TYLER FERREIRA is already a master printmaker, while still in his 20s, and uses the antiquated process of lithography to unearth the unconscious mechanics of street art language.

DINAH KIRGO is an emmy-award winning TV show writer, turned contemporary artist.  She makes dense collages inspired by her childhood hallucinations.

KEBA KONTE is an internationally exhibiting artist, combining found photo and object, as montage.

JHYDYN LEVI is an emerging Los Angeles street/pop artist, and has exhibited in LA, NY, and UK.

MATJAMES METSON is a rising star in the art world, making assemblage contemporary again.  His manically composed pieces use only found material to create a level of psychological and historical intensity not seen since Rauschenberg.

SARAH C. NEWBERRY overlaps patterns found in nature, through her meditative drawings on infinity, geometry, architecture and escape.

JULIE ORR paints reinventions of musical experience, using the fluidity of abstration to underscore an overall structure.

MIKE STREET is an established Los Angeles artist, making whimsical threaded drawings on paper which literally float in delicate space.