Sarah Graham Custom Order Holiday Special - November 27th
Independent Artisan Jewelry That Won't Break The Bank - October 6th
STACKING RING SPECIAL: 20% OFF any set of 5 Stacking Rings! - September 15th
Todd Reed Raw Elegance SALE! - August 18th
Unique Hand Crafted Fine Jewelry - July 14th
Talin Hagobian: Los Angeles Gold-Fill & Precious Gemstone Jewelry - July 14th
SUSIE LOUCKS, Bird Photography - July 14th
SALE: Gifts for Dads & Grads! - May 28th
Top 5 Non-Traditional Nuptial Venues in SoCal - January 31st
Sarah Graham Custom Order Holiday Special
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
20% OFF any custom jewelry piece by SARAH GRAHAM
Guaranteed to be ready in time for the Holidays!
"Pebbles" Stacking Rings, 18K Yellow & White Gold, Cobalt Chrome,
and White/Black/Cognac Diamonds

Sarah Graham metalsmithing is an award-winning jewelry designer most recognized for

her use of 18K Gold, Diamonds and blackened Cobalt Chrome -- a hypoallergenic metal

akin to Titanium.  Her designs are influenced by the organic complexity of natural forms.  

Floral and vine-like textures/structures are fused with 18K gold and chrome, and adorned with

diamonds -- nature's most ephemeral form.


Her usual production time is 6 weeks -- for this special, she will complete your order just in time for the holidays!


We are sweetening that deal by offering 20% OFF any custom order by Sarah Graham.  


For Cobalt Chrome pieces, we must receive your order by December 5!

For 18K Gold pieces, we must receive your order by December 19!


Sarah Graham, 7 Cobalt Link Necklace, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

"Pebbles" 7-link Cobalt Chrome Necklace with Diamonds on 18K Gold Chain


What you get is the best of both worlds:  A stunning piece of artisan jewelry for your loved one, in time for the holidays, and at 20% OFF the regular price.




Sarah Graham has created a variety of "collections" and some pieces have several variations.  Almost any piece can be made in 18K yellow, white or rose gold.  You have the choice of black, cognac or white diamonds.  If you have something in mind that you do not see on our website, or have seen somewhere else, we urge you to contact us.  We can special order anything from her cataloge.


View the various samples from her collections below:


Sarah Graham, Flowering Coral Earrings, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

"Flowering Coral", Cobalt Chrome, 18K Gold Earrings with Diamonds


Sarah Graham, Sea Urchin Necklace, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

"Sea Urchin" Necklace, 18K Gold, Cobalt Chrome, with 0.15ctw Diamond


Sarah Graham, Confluence Link Bracelet, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles11

"Confluence" Bracelet, 18K Gold, Cobalt Chrome with Diamonds


Sarah Graham, Radiolarian Earrings, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

"Radiolarian" Earrings, 18K Gold, Cobalt Chrome with 0.32ctw Cognac/Black Diamonds


Sarah Graham, Jacaranda Pod Necklace, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

"Jacaranda Pod" Necklace, Hammered Cobalt Chrome, 18K Gold with 0.05ctw diamond

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We are very excited to announce that we are kicking off the holiday season with a month long series of Flash Sales to occur every Saturday in November, taking part in the much celebrated “Small Business Saturday” on November 30th.


Altered Space Gallery features hand made artisan jewelry by nationally recognized designers such as Todd Reed, Jill Platner, Sarah Graham, Victoria Cunningham, and many others who add their unique twist to traditional jewelry using precious metals, raw & white diamonds, and other materials, with socially & economically minded jewelry-making processes.

Todd Reed Jewelry, 18K Raw Diamonds, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles Jewelry Store

Todd Reed, 18K "Cluster" Ring with Raw Diamonds & Cubes

As a small business that showcases eco-concious designers, Altered Space Gallery's month long event is especially important for shoppers who are looking to make an unforgettable statement with a unique gift made by an independent artist-designer. Taking the nationally recognized “Small Business Saturday” event and extending it to a whole month, this sale celebrates a variety of individual artists & designers who make our local economies so diverse.

The event will be divided into 5 consecutive “Flash Sale” Saturdays, with each day highlighting a different jewelry category at 50% OFF, from MIDNITE to MIDNITE, each day.


Jill Platner, Leather & Sterling Silver "CB" Bracelet, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles Jewelry Store

Jill Platner, "CB", Leather & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Kicking off the event will be a 50% OFF Sale on all available Todd Reed pieces, on Saturday November 2.


The “Flash Sale” Schedule is as follows:

Saturday, November 2: 50% off all available Todd Reed Jewelry

Saturday, November 9: 50% off all available Necklaces

Saturday, November 16: 50% off all available Earrings

Saturday, November 23: 50% off all available Watches/Bracelets

Saturday, November 30: 50% off all available Rings




For more information, contact Altered Space Gallery:

(323) 400-5260

Independent Artisan Jewelry That Won't Break The Bank
Sunday, October 6, 2013

Award Winning....check.

Designer Made....check.

Delicate & sustainable....check.


You wouldn't think jewelry of this caliber would be affordable,

but over here at Altered Space, we are proud to showcase an array

of designers who are renowned for their stylish & innovative designs,

as well as keeping the price tag "close to the ground".

Designer Artisan Jewelry doesn't have to be astronomically priced....

You really can have award winning, independently made,

& sustainable boutique style jewelry using precious metals and stones with affordable prices.

Case in point:

Paperwings Jewelry, 14K Gold Hoop Earrings, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles


PAPERWINGS has been offering timeless 

pieces of jewelry, inspired by organic forms,

natural lines and simple shapes.  Paperwings

regularly uses hammered 14K Gold Fill,

Sterling Silver and Oxidized Silver, in a beatifully

mixed array of delicate and organic shapes.

This pictured 14K Gold Fill Earring Hoops are $45.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Pamela Bosco, Silver Wrap Ring, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles Jewelry Store




PAMELA BOSCO does one thing and does it well -- hammered wrap rings.  An intelligent northeast American designer, inspired by nature with an eye for the industrial, she avoids the pitfalls of overextending her cataloge by committing to recreating her Hammered Silver Wrap Ring over and over, with no 2 ever being alike.  But that's the point, isn't it?  This pictured ring is on sale for $95.




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Victoria Cunningham, 14K Gold Tiny Stackable Ring, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles




VICTORIA CUNNINGHAM is a Los Angeles designer who has won the jewelry world over with delicious and uber-delicate 14K Gold Tiny Stackable Rings.  These little darlings start at $175 each, and are available as a Set of 5 for 20% OFF!






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Alice Roche, Sterling Silver Wedge Necklace, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles




  ALICE ROCHE is an architecturally inspired designer who creates simple pieces    which celebrate the sleekness of structure, combined with natural organic forms.  This Sterling Silver Wedge Necklace is on sale now for a cool $95. 






Want to see more?  Check out the dozens of hand-made, artisan jewelry pieces we have ON SALE now!

Have Questions?  Call us!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


STACKING RING SPECIAL: 20% OFF any set of 5 Stacking Rings!
Sunday, September 15, 2013



Victoria Cunningham, 14K Stacking Ring Set with diamonds, Altered space Gallery, Los Angeles
14K Gold & Diamond Stacking Rings by Victoria Cunningham
Victoria Cunningham makes 14K Gold Stacking Rings with White Diamonds.  This family of rings can be made in any size and in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold.  Questions?  Contact us!
Victoria Cunningham, 14K Gold Tiny Stackables Ring Set, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles
14K Gold "Tiny Stackables" Ring Set by Victoria Cunningham
18K Gold & Cobalt Chrome Stacking Rings with Diamonds by Sarah Graham

 Sarah Graham makes 18K Gold & Cobalt Chrome Stacking Rings with White, Cognac or Black Diamonds.  This family of rings can be made in dozens of versions:  3 choices of metals, 3 diamond colors, and 3 diamond sizes, in any size! Questions?  Contact us!


Ariko Jewelry, 14K Gold Stacking Ring Set with Diamonds, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

ARIKO JEWELRY is Brooklyn-based, by way of Japan, whose work is based upon an organic aesthetic that has become her signature style. She tries to express the forces of nature, the weathering volcanic rocks, the surface of the earth and the beauty of natural materials. Each piece is handmade and hand-finished. Therefore, no two are exactly alike. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Refer a friend to ALTERED SPACE GALLERY to take advantage of the 
STACKING RING SPECIAL and you receive 15% OFF any item 
YOU Receive 15% OFF Anything!
Your FRIEND Receives 20% OFF any set of 5 Stacking Rings
Mention the STACKING RING SPECIAL to take advantage!
CONTACT US for more info and to get started!
Todd Reed Raw Elegance SALE!
Sunday, August 18, 2013


Todd Reed Raw Elegance, 18K Gold, Raw Diamond Jewelry, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

Until August 31st, we are offering 15% OFF any of our available pieces by TODD REED

On top of that, we'll offer FREE SHIPPING, so the price you see is what you can't find a lower price anywhere else!  Unless, of course, you follow Todd Reed to the depths of the diamonds mines...

Who is Todd Reed?  He's only the most amazing jewelry designer in the biz right now...

Todd Reed Raw Elegance, 18K Gold, Raw & White Cube Channel Set Wedding Ring, Altered Space Gallery, Los Angeles

Known for his use of RAW DIAMONDS and recycled 18K Gold, Palladium and Platinum, Todd Reed has won numerous awards and is renowned the world over for his "raw elegance".  

Todd Reed's raw diamonds & raw cubes are "ethically mined", meaning they are conflict-free, and each piece comes with an official Todd Reed certificate of authenticity, which elaborately details the size & carat weight of the raw diamonds in each piece.


Unique Hand Crafted Fine Jewelry
Sunday, July 14, 2013


At Altered Space Gallery, we showcase artists & designers who work in a studio setting to create uniquely made artistic jewelry pieces, using fine jewelry techniques, with precious materials such as:

18K Gold, 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver, Diamonds, Raw Diamonds, Brilliant Diamonds, Diamond Cubes, Garnets, Amethysts, Emeralds, Rubies, Labradorites, and many other precious stones and found raw material.

Like a fine artist, each of these makers create pieces with a specific vision, and many of the artists we showcase are award-winning and nationally recognized. 

Here's just a few of our artists, CLICK HERE to see the full list of artists we showcase!

Victoria Cunningham, 14K Gold Stacking Rings, Unique Fine Jewelry, Altered Space Gallery

Victoria Cunningham makes 14K Gold rings, earrings & necklaces with tiny white diamonds.  She often makes rings as "stackable" so that collectors can mix and match several rings at once!

  Todd Reed, 18K Gold & Raw Diamond Rings, Altered Space Gallery  

Todd Reed creates hand-forged jewelry, famously known for his use of RAW DIAMONDS & 18K Gold.  His unique style is simply unmatched in the world of jewelry, which is why his work is a BIG FAVORITE among weddings/engagements.

  Eric Silva, Award Winning Handmade Jewelry, Altered Space Gallery  

Eric Silva experiments with found material, precious gemstones and sterling silver.  His award winning pieces are shown across the country, and are still very affordable.  His unique use of hand-carved SHED ANTLER in his pieces reflect an eco-conscious & sustainable aspect, which many of our artists share.

   Talin Hagobian, Affordable 14K Gold Fill Jewelry, Altered Space Gallery   

Talin Hagobian makes delicate & affordable necklaces and earrings of 14K Gold fill and precious gemstones.  


Talin Hagobian: Los Angeles Gold-Fill & Precious Gemstone Jewelry
Sunday, July 14, 2013

Los Angeles-based Talin Hagobian's affordable "Made With Love" jewelry is made with gold fill and precious gemstones like garnet, citrine, and pyrite. Charming and delicate, Talin's jewelry screams femininity.



Talin Habobian, 14K Gold fill & Silver Anchor Necklace with Labradorites, Altered Space Gallery


Talin Habobian, 14K Gold Fill "Bee" Pendant Necklace, Altered Space Gallery


Talin Hagobian Oxidized Silver "Hamsa" Necklace, Altered Space Gallery

Talin Habogian, 3 drop Garnet Necklace, Altered Space Gallery


SUSIE LOUCKS, Bird Photography
Sunday, July 14, 2013

Susie Loucks, Collision, Bird Photography, Animal Photography, Altered Space Gallery

Susie Loucks photographs feature coastal birds frozen in flight, juxtaposing extreme movements against still backgrounds and emphasizing the anatomy and mechanics of a bird in mid-flight.

Focusing on wild animals in motion can be a challenge, compelling Loucks to spend innumerable hours photographing her untamed subjects. However, her determination to capture these birds in action yields high quality images, revealing the variety of forms they display as they live their lives in the air.

The time Loucks spends photographing our natural world has allowed her to expand her knowledge, awareness and respect for the world we live in.


SALE: Gifts for Dads & Grads!
Tuesday, May 28, 2013




Altered Space Gallery, Father's Day Gifts, Watchcraft, Watch

Watchcraft by Eduardo Millieris.  

Milieris' designs are "industrial chic": made from recycled metals, embellished with sterling silver, copper, and brass. The metals are distressed andoxidized to give the watches a look akin to "buried treasure."

Iga Ware, Sake Pot with 2 cups, Altered Space Gallery, Father's Day Gifts

Sake Pot with 2 Cups by Iga Ware

Iga Ware is made in the town of Iga, in Mie Prefecture, south of Nagoya. It is one of the oldest kiln sites, with pieces dating back to the Nara period. Iga Ware reached its pinnacle of appreciation during the Momoyama era (1573-1600.) 

The strength of Iga Ware is due to the special kind of clay that is only available in Iga. With Iga Ware, nothing is hidden. You sense, see, and feel the clay.

Altered Space Gallery, Todd Reed, Men's Rings, Father's Day Gifts

Palladium/Silver Ring w/ Black Diamonds by Todd Reed

Known for his "raw elegance", Todd Reed creates pieces with recycled metals and raw diamonds.  It takes a real man to pull off a ring as rugged as this.

Father's Day Gifts, Mergeware Mug, Altered Space Gallery

Porcelain/Walnut/Steel Mug by Mergeware

This cup and saucer is made by hand in America of white porcelain and rich black walnut.The saucer doubles as a lid; a unique marriage of form and function. 

Altered Space Gallery, Funn Roberts, Father's Day Gifts, Titanium Necklace

Hammered Titanium Necklace by Funn Roberts

Funn Roberts hammers found titanium from automobile manifolds to create sleek adornments.


Altered Space Gallery, Father's Day Gifts, Graphite Objects, Agelio Batle

Graphite Object by Agelio Batle

Made of solid graphite, an "Apana Hand", by artist Agelio Batle.  Sculptor Agelio Batle makes these unusual implements that are equally an object of art and a functional drawing/writing tool. 


Altered Space Gallery, Richard Patterson Bench, Walnut Bench, Father's Day Gifts

Walnut Bench by Richard Patterson

Handcrafted by renowned woodworker, furniture maker Richard Patterson.  This is his signature style "Patterson Bench", made entirely of Walnut wood, with Ebony wood wedges in the joints.  Patterson furniture uses all traditional wood joinery; no metal hardware is used. 

Altered Space Gallery, Sarah Graham Bike Chain Bracelet, Father's Day Gifts

Cobalt Chrome "Bike Chain" Bracelet by Sarah Graham

Part of Sarah Graham's Men's Collection: The Mr. Graham Collection, this is a Cobalt Chromium Bracelet, "Bike Chain" Style, with Sterling Silver accents.  

Cobalt Chrome is a hypoallergenic metal known for its durability and lightness.  The patina is intented to wear over time, as to achieve a "light/dark" rustic finish.



Top 5 Non-Traditional Nuptial Venues in SoCal
Thursday, January 31, 2013

We would like to introduce to a very special guest blogger this week, Akiko Senda. Akiko works as an event creator for Soiree Events LLC, an event planning company based out of Tucson, AZ that is now expanding to the Los Angeles area. She has compiled a list of her top 5 favorite non-traditional wedding venues in the Southern California area for those of you who are amidst of wedding planning. We hope you love these venues as much as we do!

It’s no doubt that in recent years there has been a shift in wedding styles. Gone are the days that brides have to book their special day at some fancy hotel and serve rubbery chicken to their guests. And although these types of weddings are still planned, there is much hope for those of us looking for non-traditional nuptials and amazingly cool venues to book a rockin’ wedding. So-Cal is no stranger to some of the most hip, urban spaces. Here are my current top five…

1. The Ace Hotel – Palm Springs

This place embodies all that is hip & cool right now. Set in the desert, this awesome renovated mid-century hotel makes the perfect setting for an out-of-the-norm wedding complete with pools, yurts, taco trucks & record players.

If that’s not enough to get you to the desert, check out this 3 day wedding via 100layercake put on by some of the best vendors Los Angeles has to offer… that’s what I call a party.



2. Marvimon House/Smog Shoppe – Los Angeles

I’ve been obsessed with these two places for quite some time now. Currently one of the hot spots to get married in L.A., both the Marvimon house and the Smog Shoppe offer urban style venues for those searching for non-traditional style. I personally love the combo of succulents, brick wall and quirky décor they offer. The best part (or maybe worst for some people) is you can bring in all your own vendors to cater, DJ, do floral, etc. The possibilities are endless.



3. Cooper Design Space – Downtown Los Los Angeles

Those involved in the L.A. fashion and retail world know The Cooper Building well as it is home to many important fashion showrooms and buying offices. Set in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, the Cooper building offers large industrial like spaces with towering ceilings and lofty windows…making it the perfect canvas for a chic and  creative wedding.



4. The Huron Substation 

This historic building boasts exposed tall brick walls, arched windows, & wooden ceiling beams perfect for smaller weddings up to 100 people. The garden courtyard is ideal for hosting a quaint ceremony from where you can easily move your group to the main room for an intimate party. Historical buildings always add a little more character to any wedding!

photos:, Happy Confetti Weddings


5.  Korakia Pensione 

If  the words Bohemian, Mediterranean, Morrocan describe your wedding style, the Korakia retreat is the perfect venue for you. This desert oasis offers rooms for your guests in addition to an intimate outdoor space to host a killer party. Think lanterns, Moroccan beds, and tons of relaxation.


Whatever venue you may choose, make sure to make it special and a true representation of who you are. Make your own things, source thrift and vintage stores for recycled treasures and go as creative as you can be!