About Us

Altered Space Gallery is a relationship based organization.  We are about the "Makers" of our world: those people who design, define, and create our physical environments. Likewise, we see ourselves as part of a vibrant, dynamic and unique community.

Altered Space Gallery features artists and designer/makers who work in a studio setting creating the exceptional works you see on our website.   We are respectful of the artists and designer/makers we feature and maintain a close relationship with them. 

In selecting the artists and designer/makers that are featured in the Gallery, we seek excellence in three distinct areas: excellence in design; excellence in artistry; and excellence in craftsmanship.  We believe many of the people we feature and represent are visionaries in their fields. Often those artists and designer/makers are the originators of new eras in design or trend.  Many of the artists we feature have grown to prominence due to their extraordinary sense of design and artistry.  But we do not base our selection just on success.  We also regularly find artists who are in the early stages of their careers, who demonstrate exceptional artistic and visionary qualities.  We are very proud and honored to be a part of this community of "Makers" and hope that we, in some small way, can be instrumental in broadening and growing the demand for things that have the touch of the human hand; that are not mass produced,

We want your experience with ALTERED SPACE GALLERY to be a personal one.  Although this contact is web based, know that there are human beings that care about your experience here, and will do what we can to make that experience fully enjoyable, satisfying and enriching.  We welcome and encourage your comments and or requests. Please let us know if there is something we are able to do to better serve you.